2_Moonfruit Background

~ Apocalyptic (e.g., end-of-Time narratives based on the Christian bible and other sacred texts, as well as political events)

~ Historical Fiction (e.g., Whispering Quilts: A Slave's Journey of Hope, Struggle, and Freedom)

~ Literary & Realistic Fiction

~ Religion (mainly revised, edited, updated, and reformatted from forgotten gems)

~ Poetry (mainly my own, which feature Tanka as well as more traditional poetry, and some classic and obscure works).


[NOTE: Not all of my works have been published as several are in different stages of completion. This site will be updated as works are published].


My Other Literary Interests


Apart from authoring works in the fiction and nonfiction categories, I maintain an academic interest in conducting social science research and publishing in scholarly peer-reviewed journals. I recently added this service for my former student-clients only. One of these recently published works may be seen here.


I have, also, a deep interest in reintroducing to the public amazing classic works of literature, history (particularly ancient), and archaic sacred texts, which languish in forgotten archives; one upcoming work in this area may be seen here.

I received my Ph.D. from Capella University in December of 2014. Since then, I have been self-employed in the academic field, providing personalized help to struggling Ph.D. students  (www.rmtappin.com). I am in the process of transitioning into becoming a fulltime writer and author with a focus on the following genres:

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